Soapbox Science Sydney 2020


Coral matchmaking for a resilient reef.

Bondi Ocean Lovers Festival 2020

Discussion panel: Climate Sustainability and Hope. 

Coordinator for Marine Microplastics workshop 

Cleaning up a marine microplastic mess

Marine microplastics are a global pollution problem. A new project aims to remove them from our oceans and waterways using new technology and citizen science.

Investigating coral and algal 'matchmaking' at the cellular level

Could more heat tolerant, non-preferred algae could revive bleached coral communities even if the relationship is less efficient?

Could algae that are 'poor-providers' help corals come back after bleaching?

How much of the ability of a coral reef to withstand stressful conditions is influenced by the type of algae that the corals hosts?


2020 University of Technology Sydney Green Heroes Award

nominated, to be announced

2019 Netherlands Metabolomics Centre award for meritorious scientific accomplishments and innovative contributions to the field of metabolomics

2017 Dean’s list award for Academic Excellence for a doctoral thesis

Competitive funding


Since completing my PhD, I have secured over $60,000 AUD of funding as a principle investigator, including a highly competitive international Human Frontier Science Programme Postdoctoral fellowship.  

2020 PADI Foundation research Grant (Principle Investigator; $8,824 AUD)  

2019 Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation Seed Innovation Grant (Principle Investigator; $50,000 AUD) 

2019 Australian Research Council Discovery Project (Co-investigator; $511,014 AUD)  

2019 UTS Faculty of Science Seed Fund (PI; $10,000 AUD)  

2019 Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales Ethyl Read May (PI; $1,500 AUD)  

2019 MDPI Metabolites Journal Postdoctoral travel award ($1,100 AUD)  

2019 UTS strategic travel award ($2,000 AUD)  

2018 Human Frontier Science Programme Long-term Postdoctoral Fellowship (PI; $225,900 AUD) 

2017 School of Biological Sciences Student Publication Award ($600 NZD)  

2017 Doctoral Finishing Scholarship ($1,500 NZD)  

2016 Victoria University of Wellington Doctoral Submission Scholarship ($6,000 NZD)  

2016 Company of Biologists, Journal of Experimental Biology, Travel Fellowship (£2000)  

2015 Victoria University Faculty Strategic Research Grant ($2,000 NZD)